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Invest online in Israel's best opportunities

Kanyata is a platform that allows you to invest in Israel's best start-ups, established companies, and social businesses. Find amazing opportunities in Israel's amazing innovative scene, or help to fund the next social initiative that will change the world.

Invest in Israel Online
Buy stocks and bonds in Israel's most amazing companies and start-ups. Invest as little as $50 all the way up to $1,700,000.
Trade your Equity Online
Your stocks and bonds are fully tradeable on the Kanyata platform. Buy and sell your equity with traders from around the world, and track the value of your equity.
International and open access
Investors anywhere in the world can invest through Kanyata. We're open 24/7 and fully bilingual (English and Hebrew).
Kanyata makes it easy

We make it easy for you to raise funds online by selling equity in your company.

Invest in Israel Online

Buy stocks and bonds in Israel's next amazing start-up, or help to power a new social business. Invest online up to ₪6,000,000.

Crowd Powered Investing

See what the crowd thinks are the best investments, and join them in real time!

Open to all companies

Wherever you are in the world, you can now invest in Israel, directly online with Kanyata.

Full Support

By live chat, telephone, email and WhatsApp, we're here to help, in English or in Hebrew.

Cost efficient

Kanyata has no registration fee, no monthly fee, and no management fees. You pay only when you trade.

Regulation and security

Trading through Kanyata is safe and secure: regulated by the Israeli government, our platform is fully PCI-compliant.

How Kanyata works

It's simple for you to raise funds, and for your investors to trade their your stocks and bonds online.

Kanyata is an online platform where start-ups, established businesses, and social businesses, can sell equity in their companies - stocks - online to the general public (companies can also sell bonds). The initial campaign is called an CSO (Crowd Stock Offering), and anyone can participate. Just find the company that you want to invest in, wait for its CSO to launch, and then be quick to buy your share (before all of the equity is gone).

you've bought your stocks or bonds, you can trade them with other Kanyata users through our online, secured platform.

Don't companies generally sell stocks and bonds through the stock market?
In the past, yes. But now, governments in Israel and around the world are allowing companies to sell equity directly to the public, and have made it legal to do so. This means that now, it's not just millionaires and big Venture Capital (VC) firms that can invest in the next great thing - you can too!

Who can use Kanyata?
Anyone can - that's the beauty. If you're over 16, you can buy and trade on Kanyata. We're open to business to investors, big and small, from Israel, the U.S., Canada, UK, Europe, and across the world (some exceptions apply - sorry residents of North Korea).

Is there a limit to how much I can invest?
Every individual can invest up to ₪10,000 in a single CSO, and up to ₪20,000 per year in total.
Individuals who earn between ₪350,000 - ₪750,000 can invest up to ₪30,000 per year.
Those earning between ₪750,000 - ₪1,200,000 can invest up to 5% of your annual income, or ₪100,000, whichever is less, in a single investment, or in total over the course of a 1 year period.

Companies, accrediated investors, and those earning above ₪1,200,000 per year can invest without limit.

How can I pay for what I buy?
You can pay by credit card, Paypal, and bank transfer.

If I sell my stock to another trader, how do I get the money from the sale back?
Every trader has a Kanyata account. When you sell a stock, the proceedings go into this account. You can withdraw the funds from your Kanyata account at all time, and the funds are sent to you by bank transfer, or credited to your credit card.

I'm interested in registering - how do I start?
Click on "Your account" in the top of the screen, and you can create your account online.

Yes. There are many risks when you invest in securities in general, and in start-up companies in particular. Among other things, there is a risk of insolvency of the company in which you invest, and the possibility of losing your entire investment (the success of a start-up is far from guaranteed in any way). In addition, as a "small" investor (and a minority shareholder), your rights in the company are always limited. The company or its controlling shareholder can make decisions that you disagree with or that affect you, not always for the better. There is also a risk of dilution of your shares as a result of future fund-raising, the sale of control in the offering company, and the sale of material assets of the Company.

Does Kanyata faciliate trading?
The securities you acquire through Kanyata are not listed for trading on any stock exchange, and there are restrictions on how these securities can be traded, in accordance with the Securities Law.

At this stage, Kenyatta is exploring the possibility of faciliating trading between investors on securities issued through the platform.

How do I get legal possession of the stock?
Once you've bought a stock, either in an CSO or as part of a trade, you are its legal owner. In practice, the stock is passed to our trustee attorney, who verifies your identity (and does other legally required due diligence). Once completed, the attorney registers you as the stock owner with the Israeli authorities.

All companies on Kanyata are required to describe the ways in which they consider themselves to be a socially responsible company. This could be their environment policies, workplace equality standards, minority board representation, charitable donations, or any other ways that show socially conscious behaviour.

In addition, we encourage all companies launching CSOs to donate 1% of their stock to the IsraelGives Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports and strengthens the non-profit sector in Israel.

Registering for the Kanyata website is free. There are no set-up costs, and no management or monthly fees.

When you purchase stocks or bonds as part of an CSO, the purchase cost is the value of a stock or bond (say ₪100) times the quantity you wish to purchase. So if you buy 10 stocks, your total payment is ₪1,000.

There are no sales taxes associated with purchasing equity on Kanyata.

When you buy a stock or bond from another trader, you'll pay a 2.75% fee on the trade. If you make this purchase by credit card or PayPal, you and the seller will split the credit card fee (which starts at 1.1%).

Prices do not include VAT. Please also note that since we price equity in Israeli Shekels, currency conversion fees may apply if you're paying with foreign currency.