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Raise funds for your business

Kanyata is a platform that allows you to raise funds for your company, start-up, or social business, from individual or institutional investors in Israel and from around the world. Launch your own CSO and then see the price of your shares rise on the Kanyata trading platform.

Issue Stocks and Bonds online
Raise funds for your start-up or business by selling stocks and bonds in your own crowdfunded online CSO.
Trade your Equity Online
After your CSO is complete, your equity holders can trade their stocks and bonds online on the Kanyata platform.
International and open access
Investors from Israel and from around the world can invest through Kanyata, from as little as ₪100 all the way up to ₪6,000,000
Kanyata makes it easy

We make it easy for you to raise funds online by selling equity in your company.

Your own CSO of Stocks and Bonds

On Kanyata, create your online CSO and sell stocks or bonds directly to the public. You can raise up to ₪6 million every year.

Crowd-Powered confident investing

Investors can see the investments that the crowd believes in - and immediately join in!

Open to All

Kanyata is for businesses looking to grow, early-stage start-up companies, or social businesses looking to change the world.

Full Support

Our team of professional advisors and marketing managers will guide you in creating your successful CSO campaign.

International platform

Large and small investors from Israel and around the world can invest and trade on Kanyata in 17 global currencies.

Regulation and security

Kanyata is PCI-compliant to protect your payment and trading data, and licensed and regulated by the Israel Securities Authority.

How Kanyata works

It's simple for you to raise funds, and for your investors to trade their your stocks and bonds online.

How can I raise funds through Kanyata?

Kanyata is an online platform where you can create a crowdfunding-style campaign to sell stocks and/or bonds to the Israeli and international public. Your initial campaign is called an CSO (Crowd Stock Offering), and you can sell stocks or bonds in your company, up to 6 million NIS (per year). The public can buy your stocks and bonds right online, using their credit card or bank account. After your CSO is concluded, the stock or bond holders can trade their equity with one another, through the Kanyata platform.
In the past, yes. But now, governments in Israel and around the world are allowing companies to sell equity directly to the public, and have made it legal to do so.
Yes. Most companies can raise up to 4 million NIS, but under certain conditions, you can raise up to 6 million NIS.
Every individual can trade up to ₪10,000 per year. Individuals who earn at least ₪350,000 per year can invest up to ₪10,000 on a single CSO, and up to ₪20,000 per year. Individuals earning between ₪350,000-₪750,000 can invest up to ₪30,000 per year. Companies and institutional investors can invest without limit.

Eligibility and Registration

Any company registered in Israel can launch a Kanyata campaign. Start-ups, established companies, or social businesses - all are welcome!
Click here to contact our Customer Care team. They'll reach out to you (generally within 24 hours) to tell you a little bit more about Kanyata, and see how we can best help you. You'll then be able to create your free Kanyata account online, and start creating your CSO of stocks or bonds.

Investing in Stocks and Bonds

When you think of Kanyata, think of us as a combination of a crowdfunding platform that helps you to raise funds, and a second market, where people can trade stocks with one another. In practice, once you've sold stocks and bonds to the public, they can trade their equity with one another, right through the website.
When you create an CSO, you set the value of your stock or bond. But just setting a price is easy - selling is harder. To convince potential investors to participate in your CSO, you need to show the public that the price of your stock or bond is fair and realistic. You'll do this through your marketing materials, but also by describing your company in great detail.
After your CSO is successful, Kanyata will allow traders to trade your equity amongst themselves. Our system will then show the equity price that best reflects how your stock or bond has been traded.
Once you've bought a stock, either in an CSO or as part of a trade, you are its legal owner. In practice, the stock is passed to our trustee attorney, who verifies the identity of the new stock owner (and does other legally required due diligence), and once completed, registers the new stock owner with the Israeli authorities.

Social Responsibility

All companies on Kanyata are required to describe the ways in which they consider themselves to be a socially responsible company. This could be their environment policies, workplace equality standards, minority board representation, charitable donations, or any other ways that show socially conscious behaviour. In addition, we encourage all companies launching CSOs to donate 1% of their stock to the IsraelGives Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports and strengthens the non-profit sector in Israel.

Pricing and Costs

Registering for the Kanyata website is free. If you'd like to launch a Kanyata CSO of stocks or bonds, you'll pay an CSO set-up fee of ₪20,000. This fee includes:
  • Marketing package, including strategic planning, graphic design, and more
  • Consultation with a Kanyata advisor (attorney, accountant, or financial advisor)
  • Full support in setting up and launching your campaign
  • Setting up a trusteeship agreement and payment processing account
  • Registering the transfer of ownership of the stock/bonds purchases to the new owners
  • Automated receipting of equity purchasers
  • Dividend distribution arrangement
On the CSO sale of stocks or bonds, you'll pay 6%-10%* fee on all equity sold (not including credit card fees, if any). The exact fee depends on the type of company and activity that you engage in.

Traders pay 2.75% on every trade that they make.

Prices listed here do not include VAT.