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Now, everyone can invest in the start-up nation

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About Kanyata

Transforming the way that people raise funds and invest in Israel.


Raise funds for your company and invest in start-up nation

Kanyata is a platform that enables Israeli companies to create online CSOs and to raise up to ₪6,000,000 by selling stocks and bonds to the Israeli and international public. Creating an CSO (Crowd Stock Offering) is easy and quick, and a transformative way to raise capital for your new start-up idea, your established company, or your social business.

Invest in Israel

Wherever you are in the world, now you can invest in Israel's most amazing start-ups, profitable companies, and world-changing social businesses. Buying into start-up nation is as easy as buying on Amazon - just pick an CSO, enter your credit card information, and you're an investor in Israel!

Issue Stocks and Bonds online
Raise funds for your start-up or business by selling stocks and bonds in your own crowdfunded online CSO.
Invest and Trade Online
Invest as little as ₪50 and as much as ₪6,000,000. And then trade your equity online right through the Kanyata platform.
International and open access
Investors anywhere in the world can invest through Kanyata. We're open 24/7 and fully bilingual (English and Hebrew).

About our team

Working together to change the way that Israel invests.


Jonathan Ben-Dor, CEO

Jonathan is one of the developers of Leket Israel, one of Israel's leading non-profit organizations, and the founder of IsraelGives, the main website for giving in Israel. He's a graduate of McGill University and Hebrew University School of Law.


Yoel Briss, Legal Advisor and Director

Yoel Briss is the former legal adviser to the Finance Ministry of Israel. Yoel was previously responsible for leading a number of significant reforms in recent years in Israel, including the reform of the pension system and the reform of the capital markets.


Ronen Mendel, CTO

Ronen, has over 17 years of experience with computer systems, having begun at age 18 as a computer specialist in the Israeli Army. Ronen is one of Israel's leading specialists in fundraising systems, cybersecurity, and international payment infrastructure.


Roi Roth, CFO

Roi Roth, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), comes from a strong Hi-Tech background, served as a CFO of a large E-commerce group, and as a member of the management team. An experienced professional with a vast hands-on and managerial background in accounting, treasury and budget planning and control.

Security is our #1 priority

We work hard to protect your personal and payment information.

Our system is fully

PCI compliant

to protect your donation and credit card data
Fraud-prevention systems run


To reduce chargebacks and fake donations
We work tirelessly to

Prevent hacking and DDOS attacks

With a 99.9% uptime